Monday, April 28, 2008

Pretty Pictures?

I've been trolling through old photos, and found these. All slides from March 2007 (old?)

This is from San Juan Bautista, there is a museum building across from the mission, and this was the view from one of the windows. I'm not that used to shooting into the light, so I just disabled the flash, and let the camera work out the rest. Thankfully the algorithms were good, and the slide turned out great. I wished I had a digital that day.

I believe this was rosemary. The picture looks sepia toned, but trust me, it was full colour, just the floor had a bark mulch, and everywhere was covered in the same dust.

This is in San Jose, the Rosicrucian Museum. Just some neat architecture, and a genuine blue sky, same as every other day of the week down there.

Again, the Rosecrucian, in the grounds, just a nice knotty tree.

I sometimes complain that there is nothing to do within easy drive of home. Yet, here again I am posting images of good places we can get to, just have to deal with 880, but with a family of 4 we can get in carpool lanes!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This was the hair for the lion sculpture at Legoland, CA. I say was, the monkeys have vanished one by one, until it was bald. The monkeys actually gave him a good texture for his mane. Of course this close up make it look like an outtake from Planet of the Apes, or a nature documentary about bonobo monkeys.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I always did have a soft spot for Morris Minors.
Never could quite get the roof line correct.

The original snap...

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Mersey Ferries

As made infamous in the song by "Gerry and the Pacemakers", here are two Mersey Ferries quietly dozing in a sleepy little dock.

The Mersey Ferries are an important part of my past. We used to take the train to Woodside, then the ferry to the Pier Head for a day's Christmas shopping in the big department stores in Liverpool.

When I finally got my drivers licence, the Wirral fast became a favourite haunt. We used to ride the ferries in the evening. During morning and evenings the boats operated a commute service, but during the day and weekends they offered cruises up and down the river, taking a large oval between the three terminals, rather than the triangle. This is a good thing for day trippers, but the recorded commentary opened and closed with Gerry Marsden's classic song. A good song, but on a tinny Tannoy, six times in a half hour...

I believe this sketch was drawn from a postcard of the Liverpool waterfront, though it may have been one of my photos I used as the source. Actually I think the Isle of Man Packet steamer may have been from a different picture, added to fill in the blank.

The actual size of the picture is about 10"x6", and would have been drawn with a 2H 0.5mm mechanical pencil, if you are interested.

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It's not where you think it is...

The wonderful little South American backwater is actually in the Hollywood Hills, it is part of the Universal Studio Tours. I took this shot on my second trip to the US, it was the day after Thanksgiving 1993.

Now what about this little Mediterranean village?

This is actually Portmerion in North Wales. This is the village where they filmed most of the outdoor shots in "The Prisoner" all those years ago.

I very much like Portmerion, and have been there about 4 times. This was on the last visit back in '89.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wear some flowers in your hair...

This is a typical view in San Francisco. I wonder what percentage of tourists turn their camera to be parallel with the street. It is a neat effect though, isn't it.

Some old photos of mine...

Well, I finally got the scanner out, and tried scanning a bunch of photos.

The scanners driver is clunky, and so I decided to use the Microsoft Scanner Wizard, and
it seemed much like it just called the regular scanner driver, without their GUI. The preview zoom didn't let me see how close to the edge I was, hence a few pictures where you see beyond the picture. I also didn't notice that some scans slipped sideways. I'll fix those some day.

Here we have some old 126 images from around North Wales. 100ASA film, probably Boots.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lego Dancers

Some Degas like dancers I made in LDD.