Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny FX

I like this one. It's hand held, obviously, low ISO film speed, sodium lighting.
The top layer is clear enough we can see what it is, and the blur adds a thickness to the sign.

All pretty good.
Look at it closely. It's almost as if there were a strobe light going, there appear to be "slices" of sign, as shown in the detail below. Now the lighting was high pressure sodium as far as I can tell, you know, regular parking lot lighting. I guess there is an oscillation in the brightness going with the AC power delivery. I just wasn't expecting it in a night shot like this.

It could also be the camera processed several samples of image in the fraction of a second it took this photo. So the question is, is this a camera artifact, or an environmental influence? Either way around I like it, just not on all my night shots