Thursday, March 3, 2011

If you ever forget whihc country you are in...

It seems that Pandora can tell you what country you are in, unless they provide service there, in which case they can provide soothing music.

Another Hsin Chu temple/shrine at night

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Three Wheels

Three wheeler motorcycle "roach coach", laden with delicious smelling food.

Three wheel motorcycle "pick up" truck.

I am convinced this scooter is carrying a spare!
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Temple at night

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Okay, I cheated. I took these photos in Jan/Feb when I came to Taiwan just before new year. I haven't been to Taipei yet this trip.

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Things not to do at SFO

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Train ride.

This is an automatic mag lev train system at SFO, so that kid is looking out the front window. As a kid I was always so dissapointed I could never look out the front window of a train. The old DMUs that rattled along between Manchester and Chester sometimes had the blinds open, and you could see the track ahead, that was always so cool.
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SFO - The Forrest Airport

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not all airlines are equal

So SFO international check in is in a beautifully architectured building. Once you get to face the stainless steel panelled check-in desks though, it starts to get darker, claustrophobic, and dare I say drab.

Virgin Atlantic bring a little splash of verve to it though. The have by far and above the most self help terminals. You will also note that they add a splash of color in the form flower arrangements. Again Virgin raise the bar.
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Hsin Chu Train Station

Tuesday morning I took a stroll down to the railway station, which is in the heart of town. I was somewhat surprised at how European the architecture was. It was a foggy morning, but I'm sure the building would have been as grey in good sun light as it's covered with soot, as everything is in this area.

Inside was no surprise too, a busy commuter station, as busy as the ones in Manchester.

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